Peering Information

Routing Statistics

IPv4 Peered
IPv6 Peered
IPv4 Transit
IPv6 Transit

AS Path to You


Network Information

ASN 61049
MD5 Supported but not required
TLS Supported but not required
Suggested Max Prefixes (IPv4/IPv6) 30
Peering Policy Open
Ratio Requirement Not Required

Peering Contact Information

Peering Email
NOC Email
NOC Telephone +44(0) 330 010 0140

Private Peering Locations

Priviate peering requests will be considered at any of the following locations:

  • THN - Telehouse North, London E14, UK
  • MAN - Cobra Court, Manchester, UK
  • SAX - Saxon House, Cheltenham GL52, UK

Public Exchange Points

We welcome peering requests from the following Public Exchange Points:

Exchange Point Network IP Addresses Speed Location
Juniper IPv4195.66.226.210
1Gbit/s Telehouse North, London, UK
Extreme IPv4195.66.238.210
1Gbit/s Telehouse North, London, UK
Unicast IPv45.57.81.154
1Gbit/s Telehouse North, London, UK
IXManchester Main LAN IPv4TBC
1Gbit/s Cobra Court, Manchester, UK

Peering Policy

Exascale Ltd operate an open policy and in the majority of cases welcome all requests for peering. We do not require a signed agreement but we are happy to do so where the agreement is reasonable.

  • All peering must be dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • The peer must operate a 24x7x365 contactable NOC
  • Neither Party will establish a route of last resort directed towards the other Party's Network
  • Hot-potato routing is implied, Exascale will not honour any MEDs
  • The peer must present the same route announcements on all sessions
  • All peering should be settlement free
  • Priviate peering requires a minimum of 50Mbit/s of exchanged traffic
  • We reserve the right to refuse peering with any party